Concrete Youth’s Winter Wonderland

Concrete Youth are back with another fabulous virtual show! Jack and Snow live in Winter Wonderland and although the season is here, there is no snow to show it is winter because the Snow Machine is broken! The only way to find out why it isn't working is with the Winterns (the audience) and then together everyone can fix the machine!

REVIEW – The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V. E. Schwab

The roles of women in 1714 are somewhat different to modern day. Unmarried women are looked down on and married women do not belong to themselves, but to their husbands. In panic and desperation, Addie makes a deal with a possible devil for her freedom and a life that will last forever. However, in a true Faustian manner the deal is not what it seems which leads to Addie beginning forgotten by everyone she has met and is to meet for hundreds of years later. Addie's life will never be remembered but lives through art and music. Until 300 years later when meeting one man, Henry Strauss, will change everything she has known as he remembers her the day after they first meet.

I have had just over 7 months to raise the money whilst juggling my very hands-on course at uni! Not only that but I continued with my blog and have some how managed to maintain a bit of a social life and kept my fitness up by playing hockey! So first things first, it is do able! YOU CAN DO IT! It may not seem like a long time but you can definitely do it, but you do have to work hard! Stay motivated. Keep on watching those travel videos of people climbing the mountain or keep on learning more about the amazing causes you are raising money for! It all helps and if you have a well developed fundraising plan right from the beginning, that you can keep on adding to, you will smash your targets in no time!

10 Things to do in Blackpool

It seems that when we think of Blackpool we either think of the Pleasure Beach or the tower (which I mention later) but still to this day they are two of the most popular attractions in the North West. Of course there is everything from the Big One to the older roller coasters like the Grand National. I've already said how often I used to go and every time, there would be something different or we'd have a completely different day out! Now there is a new ride called Icon which I'm yet to try, perhaps that's a plan for this summer! I have to admit, I am very much a thrill seeker and will go on all the rides no matter how high or fast they go, in fact, the faster the better! Still to this day I would say the Valhalla is my favourite. I never liked the dark but since I know exactly what's happening I got used to it and it just became an adventure. There's something about being around water which I always love too so being covered in it by the end of the ride is always a perk - although it's a nightmare if you decide to go on it first. Usually we wait until the very end of the day then queue up at least five times to make the most of it, getting as drenched as possible! Child or not, it's definitely worth it to visit Nickelodeon Land as there are some great rides to go on there. The Avatar Airbender is great fun, providing you're not terrified of falling out. I'm not going to deny that we used to repeatedly go on Dora's World Voyage when I was around 14 years old. It's just a nice relaxing ride OK.. Yes ok, I was an odd 14yr old.

Arriving in Tanzania

There was no point in going to sleep as I set off around 3am and still had last minute backpack checks to make. It was a hassle to get down to Heathrow and there was no way I was catching up on any sleep in the car. I didn't care as long as I made it and was able to get on the flight. It was my first time travelling from Heathrow and I wasn't entirely impressed. Manchester Airport is much smoother and easier to make your way round. We still managed it though and as a group of 22 we did well in staying together and getting on the plane at the same time. We were fortunate to all be sat near each other too.

REVIEW – The Saturday Girls by Elizabeth Woodcraft

The story follows young girl Linda as she lives out her Mod life in her last years at school. Her best friend Sandra has already left and is hoping for reckless boyfriend Danny to propose to her on one of his free days from prison. In the meantime, Linda is trying to do all she can to support the CND campaign, help with baby sitting, earn money, and prepare for her exams. Any money she can earn can allow her to buy new Mod clothes to fit in with the crowds on Saturdays and hopefully catch the eye of top Mod, Tap. Her baby sitting leads to an unusual friendship to blossom with the towns mad woman, Sylvie. Linda hopes to find out about Sylvie's life and how she became the person she is now.

To the Moon and Back – Concrete Youth

To the Moon and Back: a saying I’m sure we all know. It is something my parents and I used to say to each other every night before I went to bed (sometimes we still do). It’s a phrase that explains the breadth of our love to one another as though it were the entire world or further. Realistically the moon isn’t as far away as Jupiter or Mars but that shorter distance gives us the hope that one day it is something we can reach, and the more we say those few words, the more our imaginations grow wild and the more the love we share expands. The more likely we are to reach the moon. I truly believe that Concrete Youth achieved exactly that. They reached the moon and back creating a show and space where we can share our love for one another no matter who we are. My heart grew through every word and every song.

REVIEW – I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh

After a terrible hit and run kills a little boy the police are out to find the person behind the wheel to help put the distraught mother's mind at rest. Jenna Gray moves to a cottage on the Welsh coast seeking a new life, one that can rid the memories of the little boy letting go of his mothers hand to run to their house then getting hit by a car. New life suits her well but just as things are looking up, the police find the person who killed the boy and all the memories come flooding back.