REVIEW – Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

Following on from the previous book (Red Queen), Mare Barrow and Cal are on the run from the new murderous king, Maven. If they are caught, Mare's powers could be used to destroy anyone or anything that comes into Maven's path so instead, they must do what they can to find anyone else who is of red blood with silver abilities. Working with other reds seems like their only option until they are both imprisoned by those she trusts the most. Her closest friend must then prove his worth in helping them escape and continue their mission to find everyone on the list given to her by Julian. Finding out many more newbloods have been captured and put in a specially designed prison, along with a number of silvers who refused to do Maven's orders, they set off on a rescue mission which can only end in disaster, maybe with a little success on the side.

REVIEW – Seven Realms series by Cinda Williams Chima

The plot follows Han, head of a street gang and infamous heartthrob. Running a gang isn't quite as easy as some people think as he deals with a lot of harassment from the queen's guard. After fostering with the clans, Han (also known as Hunts Alone) deals with his friendship with best friends Dancer and Digging Bird. A big secret brews between Han and Dancer whilst a new relationship seems to blossom between Han and Bird. When that secret is revealed, it insights a huge test between Han and Bird since any love between them should now be forbidden.

REVIEW – Lost for Words by Stephanie Butland

Yorkshire lass, Loveday, works at a bookshop and has done for a long time now. One morning she finds a neglected book by the bus stop and hoping someone has just accidentally dropped it and wants it back, she posts a found notice in the window of the bookshop. To her amazement, Nathan, a man who is too good to be true turns up to retrieve it. Loveday is someone who usually keeps to herself and her books, but somehow Nathan is able to persuade her to go to poetry nights and share in their love of literature. At the bookshop, a number of boxes turn up each day that need to be sorted onto the correct shelves. Some books contain pressed flowers and a strangers memories used as a bookmark, some contain her own memories. It is not just people that keep secrets, books keep them too.

REVIEW – The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski

Kestrel, a Valorian and the general's daughter, was always seen to be odd with her love for music, lack of military ability and generosity to the Herrani slaves at her home. As a child her birthday wish was to set her nurse free as it was a great honour for a slave to be freed. She grew up persistently playing the piano, a past time of the Herrani before the war and now something only a slave should do in order to entertain the noble Valorians.

REVIEW – The Other Half of Augusta Hope by Joanna Glen

August Hope is supposedly the weird one of the twins. After growing up in a small town it was clear that Augusta was meant for bigger things, or perhaps bigger places. Her love of reading the dictionary over and over again gained her a few annoyed words from her family throughout her childhood and it was her sister that appeared to be the favourite, since she (again, apparently) wanted the simple life, to remain in the neighbourhood with a husband and child. A book for anyone who wants to read something that covers harder topics, rooted in reality, yet some how leaves you feeling accomplished, thoughtful and uplifted about life.

Beach Body Ready – The Roaring Girls

THE #HULLMAFIA ARE BACK AT IT AGAIN CREATING UNIQUE, ENGAGING, AND HEARTWARMING EMOTIONAL BREAKDOWNS ON STAGE - THAT’S A GOOD THING, TRUST ME! By the end you’ll feel like family. Maybe it’s something to do with openly talking about jiggling bellies, vaginas being scraped across who knows what (please watch the show for context), and then sharing a party ring bucket with the stranger sat next to you. The show is honest, sometimes brutally, and finds a way to bring out your inner rage against the patriarchy whilst you laugh and sometimes cry to the cheesy workouts.

REVIEW – A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

Can we just talk about mates for a second. Mate mate mate MATE mate mate MaTe mate mate mate… is it just me or is that the only word in the chapter when Feyre and Rhysand confess to one another their feelings? It definitely felt like it. It calms down a little but safe to say, I’m sick of the word mate. I understand its meaning in this case but it is a little cringey. I appreciate the descriptions of Feyre’s struggles. It was definitely set in reality. That panic of being stuck and locked in is something that can be related to easily for most people I’m sure, in one way or another.

12 HOUR MINIATHONS – Every Saturday

It is a readathon for 12 hours, nothing more than that! No stress about having to stay awake for extra hours and mess up your sleeping schedule. Each week there will be a different topic/genre which you can follow as a prompt and then we read! You can read physical copies or ebooks, or listen to audiobooks. The books could be graphic novels, full chunky marathon books, or collections of short, or shorter stories. It is all completely up to you! A group chat will be made each week for those who want to be involved to share updates, posts, stories, motivation etc. If you do not wish to be added to a group chat then you are free to just take part using the hashtag!