REVIEW – The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V. E. Schwab

The roles of women in 1714 are somewhat different to modern day. Unmarried women are looked down on and married women do not belong to themselves, but to their husbands. In panic and desperation, Addie makes a deal with a possible devil for her freedom and a life that will last forever. However, in a true Faustian manner the deal is not what it seems which leads to Addie beginning forgotten by everyone she has met and is to meet for hundreds of years later. Addie's life will never be remembered but lives through art and music. Until 300 years later when meeting one man, Henry Strauss, will change everything she has known as he remembers her the day after they first meet.

REVIEW – Seven Realms series by Cinda Williams Chima

The plot follows Han, head of a street gang and infamous heartthrob. Running a gang isn't quite as easy as some people think as he deals with a lot of harassment from the queen's guard. After fostering with the clans, Han (also known as Hunts Alone) deals with his friendship with best friends Dancer and Digging Bird. A big secret brews between Han and Dancer whilst a new relationship seems to blossom between Han and Bird. When that secret is revealed, it insights a huge test between Han and Bird since any love between them should now be forbidden.

REVIEW – A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

Can we just talk about mates for a second. Mate mate mate MATE mate mate MaTe mate mate mate… is it just me or is that the only word in the chapter when Feyre and Rhysand confess to one another their feelings? It definitely felt like it. It calms down a little but safe to say, I’m sick of the word mate. I understand its meaning in this case but it is a little cringey. I appreciate the descriptions of Feyre’s struggles. It was definitely set in reality. That panic of being stuck and locked in is something that can be related to easily for most people I’m sure, in one way or another.

12 HOUR MINIATHONS – Every Saturday

It is a readathon for 12 hours, nothing more than that! No stress about having to stay awake for extra hours and mess up your sleeping schedule. Each week there will be a different topic/genre which you can follow as a prompt and then we read! You can read physical copies or ebooks, or listen to audiobooks. The books could be graphic novels, full chunky marathon books, or collections of short, or shorter stories. It is all completely up to you! A group chat will be made each week for those who want to be involved to share updates, posts, stories, motivation etc. If you do not wish to be added to a group chat then you are free to just take part using the hashtag!

REVIEW – Dawn of the Patriot by Okimi Peters

Story wise, it is fast paced and a lot happens over the short, 30 page, first issue. It really is snippets into the life of Ziik but being so made me want to pick up the second issue right away. I love a good origin story and that’s exactly what this is yet it’s able to touch on some much deeper and real topics throughout. It becomes an interesting representation of the gang culture, corruption and poverty in busy Nigeria. We get to learn about how all this has an affect on one individual and through his eyes, we see the world around him bit by bit.

REVIEW – Ethereal Series

In some ways it becomes a classic adventure story, as he travels through this world to complete his quest and learn his truths but amongst this, it creates an interesting discussion on the idea of grief using the young adult, fantasy genre. Sam and his parents are having to deal with the death of his brother and it is very clear that each one of them is dealing with it in a completely different way. In Muanga-Atua, Sam' also comes across a number of people who have lost someone or something dear to them, especially during the current time, and each and every one of them finds their own way to deal with it. The two books together give us a lovely commentary on how we might deals with these things ourselves.