Street Art in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

In today’s post, it is more about the photos I got. One of the things I love the most about Mexico is the creative and artistic nature of its culture. Of course we have street art in the UK but I can be blown away by nearly all of the paintings I see in Mexico compared to here. The colours, the designs, the meanings. I will forever love staring at walls in Mexico. We went for a few walks down various streets around Playa del Carmen, getting off the tourist trap of quinta avenida. 5th Ave is great but once you’ve been a few times, and have witnessed its drastic change to the American malls that it appears to be more of now, it’s easy to get bored. The parts I love are when you turn left, away from the beach and head up to the more local areas where the food is cheaper and smells incredible. I found there is less hassling of the tourists and, as for the purpose of this post, more art!