I have had just over 7 months to raise the money whilst juggling my very hands-on course at uni! Not only that but I continued with my blog and have some how managed to maintain a bit of a social life and kept my fitness up by playing hockey! So first things first, it is do able! YOU CAN DO IT! It may not seem like a long time but you can definitely do it, but you do have to work hard! Stay motivated. Keep on watching those travel videos of people climbing the mountain or keep on learning more about the amazing causes you are raising money for! It all helps and if you have a well developed fundraising plan right from the beginning, that you can keep on adding to, you will smash your targets in no time!

Arriving in Tanzania

There was no point in going to sleep as I set off around 3am and still had last minute backpack checks to make. It was a hassle to get down to Heathrow and there was no way I was catching up on any sleep in the car. I didn't care as long as I made it and was able to get on the flight. It was my first time travelling from Heathrow and I wasn't entirely impressed. Manchester Airport is much smoother and easier to make your way round. We still managed it though and as a group of 22 we did well in staying together and getting on the plane at the same time. We were fortunate to all be sat near each other too.