To the Moon and Back – Concrete Youth

To the Moon and Back: a saying I’m sure we all know. It is something my parents and I used to say to each other every night before I went to bed (sometimes we still do). It’s a phrase that explains the breadth of our love to one another as though it were the entire world or further. Realistically the moon isn’t as far away as Jupiter or Mars but that shorter distance gives us the hope that one day it is something we can reach, and the more we say those few words, the more our imaginations grow wild and the more the love we share expands. The more likely we are to reach the moon. I truly believe that Concrete Youth achieved exactly that. They reached the moon and back creating a show and space where we can share our love for one another no matter who we are. My heart grew through every word and every song.

Beach Body Ready – The Roaring Girls

THE #HULLMAFIA ARE BACK AT IT AGAIN CREATING UNIQUE, ENGAGING, AND HEARTWARMING EMOTIONAL BREAKDOWNS ON STAGE - THAT’S A GOOD THING, TRUST ME! By the end you’ll feel like family. Maybe it’s something to do with openly talking about jiggling bellies, vaginas being scraped across who knows what (please watch the show for context), and then sharing a party ring bucket with the stranger sat next to you. The show is honest, sometimes brutally, and finds a way to bring out your inner rage against the patriarchy whilst you laugh and sometimes cry to the cheesy workouts.

Shebaa’s Adventure to Jopplety How – A Concrete Youth Production

Concrete Youth are a Hull-based theatre company aiming to give those with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) a chance at viewing exceptional theatre where perhaps your "standard" show would lapse. By creating inclusive storytelling and a multi-sensory experience for their audiences, their productions are lovable, warm, enjoyable for all. Last year I went along to view their debut show at Hull New Theatre and it was clear that everyone in the audience, those with and without PMLD, loved every second of the show leaving the theatre with a real sense of peace and pure joy. Today however, I am here to review the story of Shebaa and her adventures to find the Wisdom Cow! "Shebaa The Sheep has never had any wool! She spends her days feeling different from all of the other sheep in her herd and it makes her feel very sad. After finding a book at her local library, Shebaa goes on a quest to meet the world’s most intelligent and wise creature in all of the land; The Wisdom Cow of Jopplety How in the hope that he can grant her one wish, to have a coat of wool her lamb friends would envy. Join Shebaa as she goes on an adventure, meets other furry friends on the way and learns that there are differences in the most unlikely of places."