REVIEW – I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh

– Published 6th November 2014

by Clare Mackintosh

Rating: *****
*May contain spoilers*

I Let You Go

After a terrible hit and run kills a little boy the police are out to find the person behind the wheel to help put the distraught mother’s mind at rest. Jenna Gray moves to a cottage on the Welsh coast seeking a new life, one that can rid the memories of the little boy letting go of his mothers hand to run to their house then getting hit by a car. New life suits her well but just as things are looking up, the police find the person who killed the boy and all the memories come flooding back.


This was the second book of Clare Mackintosh that I have read and I was particularly eager to read it based on reviews, recommendations and having read I See You. I See You was another book that I picked up on holiday at complete random from a selection that guests of the hotel had left behind. I read it so quickly as I couldn’t put it down. I absolutely loved every second of it. This book was no different. Clare Mackintosh has a brilliant way of getting the reader completely gripped to the story. I found myself excitedly telling people around me what was going on, gasping out loud and shaking my head as I was sent through all kinds of emotions as the story progressed.

Each character was well developed and I found it very easy to empathise with each one. I was so happy for Jenna Gray when she found her dog and met a guy she could really love. The people of the village were so lovely and you can just imagine visiting a lovely little coastal place like the one described. Back in Bristol, you gain an interesting insight into the lives of the DCs and the police offices as they work tirelessly to find the person behind the wheel. It takes much longer than planned which makes you think about the length of various cases in real life.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. As I already said, I couldn’t put it down and was so engrossed. It is a thought provoking, shocking novel filled with lots of mini twists and turns, and then one huge twist that I completely didn’t expect and found myself flipping back through pages to find out what I had missed. It felt so obvious when it came to it but I couldn’t believe I missed it. I almost threw my book. It was definitely a moment where I couldn’t hold in my reaction! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good thriller or mystery novel and now I really look forward to reading Let Me Lie which I have ready on my shelves. I really hope Clare Mackintosh bring out more novels!


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